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    Types of Construction: Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door

    The selection of garage gates is an important stage in the design of a building. Such essential characteristics as the thermal insulation and security, convenience, and economy of space directly depend on the type of their design. In this article, you will find useful tips on which garage door is better to choose, as well as information on the different types of structures.

    Garage doors by design

    The choice of the type of garage door depends on several factors:

    • Budget;
    • Free space in front of the gates;
    • The doorway size for the gate installation;
    • The need for an additional entrance;
    • Control method.

    Don’t be afraid to select the automated option because the garage door services like Fix Garage Doors CA will always help you to fix them in case of emergence. Manufacturers offer to choose from the following designs:

    1. Swing gates

    One of the most common types. They consist of two canvases, which have a rigid frame and are held on hinges. Their advantage is:

    • the simplicity of design;
    • affordable price;
    • high reliability;
    • ease of mounting;
    • the ability to supplement one of the canvases with an extra entrance;
    • the possibility to install gates for almost any size of the opening.

    However, most swing doors open outward, which requires a sufficient amount of space in front of the garage. But, this difficulty can be eliminated by mounting the door that will open inward.

    1. ​​Sliding gates

    When space is limited in front of the garage, sliding gates are ideal because they move sideways along a support beam with the help of rollers. The canvas can be single-winged and move to the right or left, bivalve – move in two directions, and folding — consisting of several sections, which fold just like an accordion door.

    1. Lifting gates

    The door is made of metal and is solid. When opened, it does not fold, does not transform, but simply rises up along the vertical guides. This allows to save free space inside the garage and ensures tightness, thermal insulation, and safety.


    1. Rolling gates

    The door consists of horizontal strips of small width, and when it is raised, they are wound on a shaft by analogy with roller blinds. The shaft is enclosed in a protective box that can be mounted both outside and inside the garage. The pros of such doors are:

    • light weight;
    • wide price segment;
    • limited space needed;
    • the ability to mount in a doorway of any size;
    • the possibility of automation.

    The automatic control system will have an obvious advantage over the regular one – you will be able to operate the gate without even leaving the car. This is especially convenient during cold weather. In this case, the automatic system is equipped with a control panel, which has a range of 30 to 50 m. Pay attention to the availability of the warranty and its duration. A quality product from a reliable manufacturer will have at least a 5-years warranty.

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